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Aesthetic Dermatology

Our clinic is a specialist dermatology clinic providing various safe and effective aesthetic procedures.

Preserve and enhance your youth with minimally invasive procedures and customised skin care products by Dr Cheong Lai Leng– a Singapore dermatologist. All treatments are evidence based and MOH approved.

The following are the cosmetic services offered in the clinic:


Healthy and beautiful skin starts below the surface in complex tissue called collagen. Collagen is a basic building block of the skin and provides the foundation that supports your skin's structure.

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Radiofrequency(RF) skin tightening has been the definitive non-invasive procedure for improving sagging, “crepey” skin and wrinkles for the past decade.

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Fractional CO2 Laser

We, at LL Cheong Skin & Laser Clinic, have just incorporated the Mixto SXTM system (Lasering, Modena, Italy), a fractional CO2 laser device, into our clinical services.

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Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Intense pulsed light is a relatively new and proven form of skin therapy. It is based on the emission of high intensity pulses of light (not lasers) that penetrate the skin and treat various skin problems.

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Laser Tattoo & Birthmark Removal

Laser can be used nowadays to remove blue, brown, black and other colours of tattoo pigment and birthmarks from the skin.

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Wrinkle Treatment

Skin ages all over the body, but much more so where there has been sun exposure. Changes brought on by sun damage (photoageing) include "dryness" (really roughness), sagginess, skin growths like keratoses ("liver spots"), and wrinkles.

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Tentang Specialisasi

Dr. Cheong Lai Leng merupakan seorang ahli dermatologi yang terlatih dan terdaftar, serta mendapatkan pengakuan dan akreditasi oleh Kementerian Kesehatan Singapura. Beliau menerima pelatihan khusus dalam melakukan diagnosa dan perawatan terhadap berbagai masalah kulit yang dialami para pasien dari segala rentang usia.

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