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Mole Removal

Surgical Dermatology

Find out various methods used to remove moles

are areas of
pigmented skin

Moles are areas of pigmented skin. Raised or flat, moles can be present from birth or can appear later in life. Most moles are harmless, but you may wish to have a mole removed for cosmetic reasons.

Sometimes a mole has to be removed because there is a risk it has become malignant (cancerous) or because it has become a nuisance (for example catching on clothes or a razor).

Various methods are used in mole removal. They include excision (cutting) with stitches or using Laser.

Raised moles can be treated with shave excision, where the mole is cut down to the level of the surrounding skin, either using a scalpel or electro-surgery. Flat moles or moles that are suspected to be malignant (cancerous) are cut out entirely and then the wound is closed up with stitches.

Your dermatologist will advise which method of mole removal is most appropriate for you.


Facial Mole

Facial Mole

Facial Mole

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