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Introducing: Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser Skin Resurfacing


It’s only natural to want to be beautiful. But sometimes, it might hurt a little to attain beauty, either by burning a hole in our pockets or going under the knife.

As we age, our skin will sag and fold, giving the appearance like crepe paper. The sagging is a natural progression as our skin loses its elasticity and firmness. We might have experienced severe acne problems during our teenage years, resulting in scars that remain visible even when we turn adults. Scarring could have also occurred due to injuries.

Another common problem is dyschromia, a condition where the skin appears blotchy and uneven in colour due to abnormal pigmentation.

The long list of procedures one can undergo to improve one’s skin condition include a face-lift, chemical peeling, IPl (Intense Pulsed light) therapy, and aggressive and non-ablative laser therapy. All of these procedures have proven to be effective, but require a relatively long recovery period, and some might even require repetitive treatment sessions before one might see visible results.

FR CO2 LSR Therapy – The Solution

Fr Co2 lsr (Fractional Carbon Dioxide laser skin resurfacing) therapy is touted as the latest in skin rejuvenation technology. Dr Cheong lai leng explains that unlike many other forms of chemical peels and non-ablative laser therapy that require numerous sessions to attain visible results, patients who are under Fr Co2 lsr therapy can expect to notice improvement in skin texture, reduction in discolouration, scars and wrinkles after just the first session.

How does Fr Co2 lsr therapy work? A computer-controlled scanner produces precise zones of laser coagulation onto the skin, and the Co2 laser generates heat in the deeper dermis to stimulate new collagen production. The main difference between Fr Co2 lsr therapy and its predecessor is that fractional technology leaves bridges of healthy tissue intact between the laser beams to accelerate tissue healing, where aggressive lsr therapy removes the entire epidermis. To help ease patient’s anxiety, an anaesthetic cream is applied to the face an hour before the procedure, which takes about 15 minutes to complete.

What to expect

This procedure is said to be highly tolerable, with the sensation during the procedure described as “hot”. The heat and soreness from the therapy lasts for one to three hours, and the skin appears bright pink and sunburnt. After two days, tiny brown crusts will form, which will detach after about five to seven days, revealing a rejuvenated complexion. Dr Cheong advises patients to stay indoors while recuperating, and to apply the prescribed cream frequently and generously onto the layered areas to keep the skin clean.

The result? brighter and more radiant skin and improved skin texture. The collagen remodelling continues post-therapy over the next few months, producing improvement in deep wrinkle and scar reduction.

Some patients even reported experiencing skin tightening – a delightful “late” result in skin improvement.

It is always advisable to consult an accredited skin specialist to solve any skin problems.

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