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A One-on-One Interview with our Dermatologist


Dr Cheong Lai Leng appreciates that dermatology is such a visual speciality — patients can see the results for themselves

Singapore Dermatologist, Dr Cheong Lai Leng has been practising dermatology for over a decade. Much of her time is focused on the surgical management of dermatological conditions and the practice of cosmetic dermatology.

She has lectured at medical conferences as well as public forums on topics in her area of professional interest, which include laser therapy, cold-steel surgery, cosmetic dermatology, techniques in skin resurfacing with the carbon dioxide laser and CoolTouch3® laser, and photorejuvenation of the skin. She has incorporated the use of chemical peels, injection of botulinum toxin and fillers in her clinical practice as part of her armamentarium for combined procedures in facial rejuvenation.

With an in-depth understanding of the way the skin works, one can examine the physical changes in the skin and figure out the mechanism of causation and evolution of the problem.

About Me

  1. Your favourite thing about your speciality
    I love that dermatology is such a visual speciality.
  2. Two words your patients have used to describe you
    “Meticulous” and “authoritative”. They probably mean “fussy” and “bossy”!
  3. One factor that sets your practice apart
    I can’t think of anything, really. Most doctors are conscientious, honest and will bend over backwards for their patients.
  4. The next big thing in your field
    New devices that improve sagging of the skin and achieve skin tightening in a non-invasive manner rapidly — a boon for patients not ready for a surgical procedure or who are averse to one.

  1. Strangest old wives’ tale about health you’ve heard from patients
    Shampooing with beer makes the hair thicker and more voluminous.
  2. Your work philosophy
    I often tell my patients, “The solution to skin problems may be simple but it’s not easy.” This prepares them mentally for the diligence and tenacity needed in pursuing skin therapy.
  3. One surprising item you can’t work without
    My wearable magnifying lenses, a contraption that arches over my face, which never fails to impress children and teenagers!
  4. One product you use regularly
    I apply sunscreen daily, come rain or shine.

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