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Medical Dermatology

Find out how to totally eradicate a wart.

They can grow on any part of the body, like on the face, hand or on the finger. On pressure areas like the soles, they appear flat. Warts on the sole (called plantar warts) grow inward from the pressure of standing and walking and are often painful.

are harmless
skin growths
caused by a virus.

Treatment Option

Liquid nitrogen treatment is the commonest treatment method for warts. The wart is treated with liquid nitrogen, which is stored in a compressed cylinder under low temperature. After scrapping off the visible part of the viral wart on the surface of the skin, liquid nitrogen is then applied to the skin. This often results in the formation of a blister.

Some pain may be experienced but this is normally tolerable.

The wart removal and treatment may take a few weeks to totally eradicate the wart. Even then, there may be a possible recurrence of the wart and repeated therapy rendered by your Singapore dermatologist may be required.

Viral Wart

Viral Wart

Viral Wart

Dr Cheong La

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Our skin physician, Dr Cheong Lai Leng, is a Ministry of Health certified dermatologist who emphasizes an individualized approach to address your specific concerns whether they are medical, surgical, or cosmetic while maintaining the highest standards for quality and attention to your comfort.

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